Sales hunter


Sparckel is a thriving innovative organization (scale-up) that has successfully devised, developed, produces and markets the world's first freestanding biodynamic LED light concept.


Our mission is to help as many people as possible with the healthy aspects of light. By supporting our biorhythm, dementia can be slowed down, depression goes down, we sleep better, our work increases concentration & motivation, and you enjoy a healthier life at home for a long time.


Biodynamic daylight is hot & happening and the question is not whether it will happen, but when it will break through this new lighting concept and who will conquer that market most successfully. So now, more than ever, it is time to grow!


To make the promising step towards larger numbers, commercial reinforcement in the organization is necessary.


Are you a passionate hunting seller who wants to score with a unique healthy concept?

The unique thing about Sparckel is the mobile aspect together with the automatic course of daylight, so 'plug & play' and 'easy to experience'. Just plug it in, we are ready for healthy living and working.


Sparckel is (h-) recognized in the market such as 'The LED application of the year' and 'Good Industrial Design', 'Winner HighTechXL Impact final days' and a patent has been granted.


There are now three applications; Well-being, Work, and Living. I wonder where you see the opportunities.


We are looking for someone who will use the opportunities in the market for Sparckel.

With the application opportunities you see, acceleration is already the goal. Your background, experience and network are used where acceleration gives the most effective sales.

What do we have to offer?

  • Market-compliant terms of employment. The more you sell, the more you earn through a success fee on realized turnover.


There is a good basis to achieve sales acceleration:

  • Sparckel's are ready to lend so you can let prospects experience the healthy light for themselves.

  • The business case has numerical support: + 12% objective performance in the Work application,

  • Sparckel has been scientifically proven in elderly care: clients sleep better and are more active during the day, which means less costs and a positive effect on caregivers.

  • Sparckel is scientifically proven in the work application: better performance, more energy at the end of the working day and a better mood.

  • And, in both applications valuable customer experience has been gained and positive feedback has been received, such as from: Koninklijke Auping, law firms, High Tech Campus and Nationale Nederlanden. De Wever Zorg, GGzE, and the Zorgboog.

I can also personally inform you that Sparckel is very satisfying, because:

  • The lean & mean organization gives room for creativity and freedom.

  • You move in the ecosystem of Eindhoven with, among other things, a workplace on the High-tech campus, contact with renowned parties from the manufacturing industry, scientists, entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

  • AND, there is fantastic feedback about the positive effect of healthy light, or the interaction with people and organizations ...


The ideal candidate;

  • Want to take the adventure together to bring our successful start-up to the level of scale-up with acceleration in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Germany and the Nordic region.

  • Has a passion for lighting technology and an interest in 'when should you have which light'.

  • Has concrete ideas on how to 'break open' the healthy light market.

  • Is independent, hands-on and proactive.

  • Has a higher professional education or higher.

  • Can sell a solution, not just a product.

  • Does cold acquisition and business development.

  • Reports the progress and shares the obtained customer data.

  • Will use the Sparckel Social Media to share and accelerate.

  • Can listen…. And translate the received message back to new opportunities and future (product) development.

  • Has experience in preventing 'conflicting sales interests' from own sales versus those from intermediaries that are also allowed to sell Sparckel.

  • Speaks English and preferably German.

  • Feels comfortable keeping a story for a group of interested people, and knows how to handle a board of directors.


Are you the person who, who wants to score with a unique concept, wants to help people live healthier, and gets satisfaction from a better world with the use of meaningful technology?


Please contact us via info@sparckel.nl and 0408516433.