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Good healthy light is crucial for human wellbeing and happiness. Currently, despite windows, people are not receiving sufficient daylight indoors. The light-levels are too low, and the white light (spectrum) is the same all day long. Our biological clock gets out of sync with natural sunlight. This causes serious problems regarding sleep, daytime energy, and depression. Research even shows an important relation with dementia.

 We proudly present: Sparckel. The light that makes you... FEEL ALIVE.

Sparckel has invented, is producing and selling the world's most effective indoor light intervention! A plug & play easy to install design lamp. Just plug it in, and the light will rise and shine in the comfort of your home, care and office space. Therefore, our daylight has major impact, able to improve the health of people all over the world!

Next to awards and a Dutch patent, we have happy paying customers. People in offices report: "We can perform better, have more energy to focus, especially and the end of a workingday. We do more work in shorter time and have a better mood".  

People in (elderly)care report: "people with dementia sleep much better at night, with decreased wandering and risks of falling. People are more awake during the day in a better mood. There's more social interaction. People can see better, increasing self reliance. We miss the ligt if it's not turned on".

In addition, there's Dutch national TV news coverage with Sparckel: 'Serious health complaints. Millions of people don't get enough daylight.' A second report: 'Homeworker underestimates light'. Plus, national newspapers: 'Happier after 4 hours of light from a lamp'.


Scientific research has been conducted with Sparckel's: in elderlycare people with dementia sleep 87 minutes longer per night. In the office application: people sleep significantly better and have more energie. We're outperforming the competition.

To scale up current success, we need a cost-down, and access international distribution channels. We are able to do this ourselves with a lean & mean organization. However, we are eager to grow much faster. So, let’s team up and do it together.


Strategic partner profile

Key drivers for mutual success are: international distribution channels, selling a healthy lifestyle proposition, and preferably mechatronics mass-manufacturing capabilities.


Do you see a strategic business-match to build on current success and make a huge positive impact? Please contact us. In return Sparckel is willing to share a substantial part of company stock.


For further information and inquiries, contact Maarten Voorhuis at +31 (0)40 851 6433 or