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Sparckel is a young innovative organisation that has successfully created, developed, produced and marketed the first stand-alone biodynamic LED lighting concept in the world.


Our mission is to enable people to benefit from the healthy aspects of light. Sparckel light intensifies our human biorhythm, which in turn slows down dementia, reduces depression, increases our work concentration and motivation, and helps you to enjoy a healthier life at home.

About Sparckel

We began pioneering the healthy aspects of light to help people back in 2011. There had to be a better way…  We launched our first healthy lighting system called Vitaallicht in the beginning of 2012. We received extremely positive feedback from our first test users about the noticeable improvements they had seen in their lifestyle, sleep patterns, health complaints and work energy.


(“Mum, turn the sun on”, “Fewer problems with ADHD”, “After years, I can finally sleep soundly”, “I can do more and better quality work”)


We have now completed the start-up phase and are transitioning into the scale-up phase. We operate at the heart of the ecosystem of Eindhoven: the city of light. A multidisciplinary team – including GBO Design – has continued to develop the Sparckel system. Our electronics and software development take place in Strijp-S. Our production and assembly is done at Innometaal & Innoassembly in Eindhoven –  a top-quality company that also assembles medical equipment and is capable of supplying in large series. Electronics production and engineering take place at Phuntronix in Soesterberg. We carry out research jointly with Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Triple Helix Programme. And we run everything from our office at High Tech Campus 10. You are welcome to visit us by appointment. Come and recharge your batteries with daylight and coffee!


It is a privilege to build a company from scratch. We gain energy and satisfaction from hearing our customers tell us how our solutions genuinely help. Their lives have changed for the better – what more could we wish for?!

Amazement and frustration combined to fuel an idea.

I learned a great deal while working for Philips Lighting; initially in strategic marketing for Europe and later as part of key account management (sales) for Lighting Healthcare. In hospitals and old people’s homes, I would explain that light is not only perceived (or seen) visually, that it not only affects emotions (with colours), but that it is also healthy.


Medical professionals immediately believed this and wanted to achieve it, until they realised how much it would cost…. Installing healthy lighting in the ceiling of a building is costly and complex. The (business case) added value also had to be sold in advance with a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet. This was usually an uphill struggle, because light is something that has to be experienced.


The few projects that did get off the ground based on the ideology produced fantastic results. For example, the director of one home for the elderly said “Our patients seem rejuvenated, there are fewer fall incidents and the staff have fewer problems to sort out. Every healthcare organisation that has building or renovation plans should come here for inspiration, because this really works!” When I later started to read more and more research articles, I found myself amazed by the extent of the positive impact light had on people.

My idea was born out of ‘knowing that light really works’ and ‘frustration’ with conflicting interests at play in the construction industry (between architects, final decision-makers, consultant engineers and electrical contractors). I also had the insight that light has to be experienced personally! In other words: the decision-makers and clients needed to experience the benefits in person. It takes more than a clever sales pitch or a scientific study for people to ‘see the light’. This led to the idea of creating a ‘biodynamic light SatNav’ to essentially extract the technology from the building.

Maarten Voorhuis

Founder & Managing Director of Sparckel

Part of Fronthouse Innovative Concepts B.V.



We are happy to use our knowledge and experience with light for advice on lighting plans, light applications in practice with light measurements. Please let us know if and how we can help you to enjoy better and healthier light.